Terms of Use

Nene’s  images are not to be used on a commercial website without first obtaining permission.

Nene’s images are never to be used on political or religious websites or pages.

Each place you display a Nene image on a page or website it must be credited and you must provide a link back to our website.

1) One may NOT alter Nene’s images except to feather, add sparkles, animations, tube or blend -
but we do not send any files.
2) Nene’s copyright MUST be clearly visible and a link to her
website (it does not have to work) has to be somewhere on the piece.
3) The image may NOT be used to for monetary gain or on a
commercial website.
4) Nene’s images are NOT to be on websites with adult content,
language and/or visuals.
5) Nene images may NOT be combined with another artists
(living or dead) work.
6) Nene’s images may NOT have ANY religious symbols added.
High-res image of non-Zarryiostrom, preexisting images for one-time, non-exclusive use for book cover $250.00 
(this price is NOT for commissions!)
You may ONLY use the image for the exact usage you purchased it for e. g. if you purchase the image for a book cover, you may NOT use the image for t-shirts, ornaments, pillow, prints, etc., etc. otherwise you will be in violation of copyright. Please contact the Shipping Manager at nenethomas@aol.com with any questions about non-exclusive image use.