Damaged Books
Here is a very small selection of the damaged books in the studio.We will continue to update this as we find more books that unfortunately are imperfect. Please keep in mind that the books may have any or all of the following: dinged corners, scratched covers, bent or ripped pages, and other blemishes. First come, first served and  all sales are final.
1 The Unwinding Path art book
1 Book One: Powerborn paperback
Dragonling Pillows
Nene has pillows of her images, Dragon-gold and Dragon-green that  for sale. They are 18 x 18 filled with stuffing and come with a side zipper. Both pillows would look fantastic as decoration on a bed or a couch.
Please remember that orders can take up to 6 weeks as the pillows are specially made!
Dragon-gold 18 x 18 pillow $35.00 
Dragon-green 18 x 18 pillow $35.00