Mini Lithographs

Our unmatted miniature lithograph prints are approx 5″ x 7″ inches. For security purposes, ALL of the enlarged detailed images contain a copyright strip across it. The actual print will not contain the copyright strip.

Please remember that orders can take between 2 to 6 weeks.


Please Contact Us if you have any additional questions or comments.

15 New Mini Lithograph


direwood      innocence hope
wind_moonsmall earthmoonsmall firemoonsmall   
frost-moon queenofshadows dark-skies    
whispers    citrine-chrysanthemum     emerald-hawthorn  
   dream_catcher   queenofowls always  

Old Mini Lithographs

autumn-introspection aquamarine     absinthe    
dragon-moon day-break oracle  
corsair corona carousel-horse-raven-black
carousel-horse-moonlight-silver carousel-horse-hunter-brown a-chance-encounter
carousel-horse-angel-white blue-nocturne blue-dream    
memory   memento lavender-serenade
knight-of-fall halo
guardian fortitude
fire-dance faery-ring   faery-of-flight
storm-runes spring-serenity    spring-patience  
solace snapdragon sapphire
rose-adagio rhapsody-in-gold purple-lace
prelude-in-blue omen misty-morning
wisdom la-victime gathering-storm
domino faery-of-ravens faery-of-black-cats
witching-hour winter-peace    violet-melody
vigilance    symphony-in-black-and-white   summer-elegance