Queen of Silk

Queen of Silk (17 ” x 28 ” © 2013)

Queen of Silk is a signed and numbered print, limited edition of 500. Queen of Silk may be available as an open edition some time in the future.

Please remember that orders take between 2 to 6 weeks.

The actual print will not contain the copyright strip.


Queen of Silk is part of the set of New Dragon Witch series: Asiria, Asiria: Fading LightAstranaithesBellamaestraCassiramithrisSevereielleLord of SnowsFurionchiresQueen of FateQueen of HavocMyerasalomeMad QueenProphecyDestiny, Queen of Bones, Queen of JadeShadows and SnowTopaz Forest, Bradamante, Lady of Steel, Sekkerastoya, and Yukikaze.

Queen of Silk unmatted (17 x 28) $60.00  

Queen of Silk fancy matted in a metal frame (24 x 34) $225.00

Queen of Silk last print of print run matted in a metal frame (24 x 34) $250.00



Queen of Silk specially matted in a metal frame (24 x 34) $350.00