Queen of Fate

Queen of Fate (17 ” x 28 ” © 2013)

Queen of Fate is a signed and numbered print, limited edition of 950. Queen of Fate may be released as an open edition print in the near future.

Order may take between two and six weeks. 

 The actual print will not contain the copyright strip.

Queen of Fate

Queen of Fate is part of the set of New Dragon Witch series: Asiria, Asiria: Fading LightAstranaithesBellamaestraCassiramithrisSevereielleLord of SnowsFurionchiresQueen of SilkQueen of HavocMyerasalomeMad QueenProphecyDestiny, Queen of Bones, Queen of JadeShadows and SnowTopaz Forest, Bradamante, Lady of Steel, Sekkerastoya, and Yukikaze.

Queen of Fate signed and numbered limited edition unmatted (17 x 28) $60.00

Queen of Fate signed and numbered limited edition fancy matted in a metal frame (24 x 34) $225.00

Queen of Fate last print of print run matted in a metal frame (24 x 34) $250.00