Corsair Daemira

Corsair Daemira (16 ” x 17 ” © 2009)
Signed and numbered print, limited edition of 2500

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Please note that Corsair Daemira is SMALLER than the New Dragon Witches: Asiria, Astranaithes, Severeielle, Lord of Snows, Prophecy & Destiny, etc., etc.

Lady Prudence Daemira, known to the world as “The Corsair” is the youngest of three children of the ruling family of the Principality of Rohm, a protectorate of the kingdom of Dakkadia.  As a young child she resisted a traditional upbringing, preferring to study the arts of fencing and archery to more “acceptable” pursuits such as sewing and dancing.  Despite this willful streak she was the apple of her father’s eye, and he indulged her love of the martial pursuits, hoping all the while that she would outgrow them eventually and become a proper Rohmian lady.

His hopes were dashed forever on the day she learned of his plan to arrange a marriage between her and the oldest son of Aveliad, the Queen of Dakkadia.  She had never met the young Earl of Daane, Lord Phaedron, but the very idea of being “given” to someone as a little more than a commodity to forge closer ties between her family and the ruling family of Dakkadia forced her into open rebellion against her father, and she promptly ran away from home to avoid what she believed to be a “fate worse than death.”
Although she rebelled against an arranged marriage with a stranger, she fully understood the need to strengthen Rohm’s ties to Dakkadia, and so she enlisted in the Dakkadian military academy, where she excelled.  Her noble birth allowed her to become an officer, and after graduation she joined the Navy, where again she excelled.  Her exploits brought her to the attention of the Dakkadian Admiralty, and she was offered an opportunity to serve her kingdom in a unique capacity.

The most powerful navy in the area belonged to Illymar, a Dakkadia’s chief rival, and for fifteen years the Illymari navy had harried and harassed the Dakkadian navy with embarrassing ease, sinking ships at will and stealing cargoes as they pleased.  Unbeknownst to the Illymari however, Dakkadia had secretly received the designs for two new weapons that would alter the balance of naval power between the rival states from an unknown source.  The first was a powerful new ship design that could take on anything the Illymari navy had and emerge victorious, while the second was a new type of weapon, called a “cannon”, which if used properly could turn Dakkadian ships into the most feared vessels on the ocean.

Unwilling to court open war between Dakkadia and Illymar before he was fully prepared, King Madari of Dakkadia decided to use cat’s paws instead of the Dakkadian military to test the new weapons and perhaps humble the Illymari navy at their own game.  Prudence and a handful of the best captains in the Dakkadia fleet were allowed to “resign” from the Dakkadian military and enter service as privateers, carrying letters of marque and commanding the new ships.  These new warships, dubbed the Royalty class, took the battle to the Illymari navy, and in less than five years of aggressive raiding, were able to completely break the Illymari stranglehold on the oceans.  Prudence’s own ship, the Sovereign, achieved such a fearsome reputation that Orem Illvanin, the king of Illymar, personally dubbed her “the Corsair”.   To the Illymari she is a villain, a wanted criminal and a symbol of Dakkadian aggression.  To Dakkadia, and her own country of Rohm, she is a national heroine.

Corsair Daemira unmatted (16 x 17)

Corsair Daemira fancy matted in a metal frame ( 20 x 21)