Book Three: Marionette is available for pre-orders!

April 1st, 2014 | By Jeanne-Annette Johnson

Nene Thomas Inc. is proud to announce that “Marionette: Book Three of the Zarryiostrom” is complete, and ready for pre-orders.



“Marionette” will be available as a Signed & Numbered Limited Edition hardback, limited to 1000 copies.


We know that many of you who bought the limited edition version of “Powerborn” and “Usurper” and would like to have a matching set (all three books with the same number), so from today until the official release date of April 14th, 2014, we are going to allow pre-orders of “Marionette”.

If you would like to have a matching number, simply tell us so in the large empty box at the bottom of the shopping cart in the “Special Delivery Information” box (below the, “How did you hear about us?” box), and let us know which number you already have so we can reserve the matching number for you.  Please keep in mind that the customers with matching number orders will be packed and shipped first.


In the unlikely event that two people claim to have the same number, we will ask for photographic proof from both parties to determine which person will receive the book.


If you do not specify a number, you will be assigned a number after the reservation period ends on April 14th.  If you have already placed your order and not specified a number, but would like your numbers to match, please email or call.


After April 14th, we will no longer have the ability to reserve numbers for you. We will be more than happy to attempt to match numbers, but we won’t be able to guarantee it. Orders placed right now will not be charged until we get a firm idea of when the books will arrive. They are being shipped from Hong Kong right now but we are not sure if the novels will arrive four days from now or in two weeks.


Call to place your order:

Studio 405.528.6363


Shipping Manager, Jeanne-Annette Johnson: 405.887.8936


Or email if you have any questions:

General, wholesale, and shipping questions :


Thanks and enjoy,

Nene & Steven

Overstock Sale!

March 25th, 2014 | By Jeanne-Annette Johnson

Greetings from the studio of Nene Thomas!


8 x 10 Chorus


We have a small selection of overstock 8 x 10’s, including Bouquet in Blue, Garden in Gold, and  Moon Indigo at only $9.00 each.  

If there are any questions about shipping and handling estimates or ordering questions, please feel free to contact the Shipping Manager at or call the shipping department at 405.887.8936.

New Nene Prints!

January 3rd, 2014 | By Jeanne-Annette Johnson

Greetings from the studio of Nene Thomas and Happy New Year!

The studio is now open!


This month, we are proud to release another new painting from our upcoming novel, “Marionette:  Book Three of the Zarryiostrom”, featuring the beautiful royal sisters of Illymar, Princesses Tais, Lyrahe and Chesare, daughters of King Orem and Queen Althea.


Sisters of Illymar” is a signed and numbered limited edition of 950. This image will also be in “Marionette: Book Three of the Zarryoistrom”, the third installment of Nene’s fantasy series and Nene’s 2015 calendar but we are offering the print for online purchase now.

Sisters of Illymar” is available framed for $185.00 + shipping and handling, and unframed for $55.00 + shipping and handling, with a print size of 16″ x 24″. 


Nene has also decided to debut a new print: “Empress” a stunning piece using Yaya Han as the model. This image will be used in Nene’s 2015 calendar, released later this year.

Empress” is a signed number edition of 500 and available framed for $185.00 + shipping and handling and unframed for $55.00 + shipping and handling, with a print size of 12” x 24”.


We also have two sales going on: our popular “any three prints for $100.00” and every item on our Stickers page is now half off, from January 3rd through the 10th, 2014. Every page with our limited edition prints has  “any three for $100.00” shopping cart button so when checking out, please choose which three prints one wants in the empty box under the “How did you hear about us?’ box. Please keep in mind, one may only choose limited edition prints currently available on our website.  Our sticker page has several items, including tote bags, magnets, key chains and t-shirts. Everything, including all twenty small sticker sets and 10” sticker sets, are half off.

If there are any questions about orders or shipping estimates, please feel free to contact the Shipping Manager at